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We have numerous customers, here only listing to have a little amount customer to request the higher quantity and environment in the higher temperature to use our the product, providing you understand our product quantity with the service level
A batch of ice cream glass cabinet was used in Nigeria,enter ice cream the chain store of Nigeria.
Request:Apply environment in the higher temperature.
Product characteristics:

1) Transparent heat preservation in much more luxurious layer glass,province electricity!Inside stainless steel,the outside the plastics is enduring!Compulsory the breeze is cold,cooling the speed quick,the temperature inside the cabinet is even!The inside hides the fluorescent lamp adornment,beautiful! Computer automatic control,automatic out frost, figures to show temperature, provide with two refrigerating system, the lower noise, safety dependable!Apply the environment in the higher temperature.

2) Nature cool, single layer glass, the automatic controls in machine, figures to show temperature, the investment cost is low, applying any indoor environment.

Tienjin Medicine Industry Group in China using an arc glass door refrigerator of our company is engaged in the drugs research produces.
Request:The mute, temperature controls the precision.
Product characteristics:
1) Many transparent heat preservation in layer glass door, the lower noise compressor moderate breezes machine, breeze cold circulation, the temperature in the cabinet is even, computer automatic control, figures to show temperature, equipment lock have, easy to management.
2) The stainless steel outside the inside refrigerating cabinet, enduring, breeze cold circulation, computer automatic control, figures to show temperature, equipment lock have, easy to management.

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